Nile Drilling Co (U) Ltd is an indigenous leading, specialist contract-drilling firm, pioneering in areas of:

  • Geophysical investigation/ Siting,
  • Borehole Drilling,
  • Test pumping,
  • Supply and Installation of Hand/Submersible Pumps,
  • Borehole Rehabilitation,
  • Drilling and Supervision Consultancy Services

The Company was incorporated on 21st March 1996, and is a registered member of Uganda Drillers Association (UDCA).

We acknowledge today's need for environmental compliance and together with our clients work diligently towards providing top quality service at reasonable rates. Nile Drilling Co (U) educates its employees with regards to all the dimensions of water well drilling whether it is in regards to health and safety, the environment or technical practices. We aim to inform and educate employees of both existing, and new issues and strive to remain abreast of governmental legislation and industry practices.

Nile Drilling's management team consists of individuals with as much as over 49 years of experience in a variety of drilling applications throughout Uganda. Experience such as water well drilling, percussion drilling, borehole rehabilitation, test pumping, and hydro-geological survey. As mentioned our management team has countrywide, hands-on experience in locations including Northern, Eastern, Western, and Central Uganda.

The company has a wealth of trained, experienced, dedicate and efficient personnel who have been behind successful drilled boreholes in the country on both percussion and rotary drilling for a number of years. The hands-on experience acquired by these Ugandans convinced many NGOs, private institutions and District Local Governments to take on them for all drilling operations in the country. The company has drilled and installed over 4,850 boreholes and rehabilitated 7350 boreholes in various Districts within the Country since its inception in 1996.